waite (waite) wrote in humanitysend,

In the Beginning...

Humanity's End is a new Larp that takes place in a Post-Apocalyptical world where the human race is on the brink of extinction. The game will have the players fighting against impossable odds for the survival of their race. The players will be able to choose one of five races to play, the mutatintg Humans, bear-like Strength Hybreeds, cat-like Dexterity Hybreeds, wolf-like Skill Hybreeds, reptile-like Defense Hybreed, and the mysterious blood craveing Vampir.
Look here http://www.geocities.com/humanitys_end_gwd for game information. Check it often for updates.
If you have any questions just reply to this journal entry, and I will be more than glad to answer.
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